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Three Reasons That Boarding Your Dog For The Day Can Be A Good Move

by Calvin Newman

Finding a local dog boarding service is important if you're frequently away from home. Whether you're on vacation or traveling for another reason, having a suitable place to leave your pet for a few days is always a comfort. You don't necessarily have to be away overnight to make use of the boarding service, however. Many boarding professionals will happily take your animal for the day—you drop it off in the morning and pick it up sometime that evening. Here are three reasons that boarding your dog for the day is a good choice.

You Don't Have To Race Home

Nearly everyone who owns a dog has found himself or herself doing something outside of the house for a large portion of the day and then having to cut this activity short to race home to let the dog out. For example, perhaps you and your family are shopping or visiting some local tourist attractions for much of the day. At a certain point, you'll be thinking about your animal's need to relieve itself, and you may have to end your outing prematurely to get home. When you've dropped the pet off at a boarding service, you know that it's getting outside when it needs to.

Your Pet Won't Miss Its Exercise

It's important for dogs to keep active for a number of reasons, but these animals will often spend much of the time sleeping when they're home alone. You may then have to walk the animal later at night once you arrive home, which may be a nuisance, or you may choose to skip the walk—which isn't ideal, either. A boarding service will commit to walking your pet a certain number of times during the day, even when the dog is only there for a handful of hours. This will give you the peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting what it needs.

You Don't Have To Involve Your Neighbors

One strategy that people often adopt when they're going to be away from the house for several hours is to have a neighbor drop over and let the animal out. This works well in many situations, but it's not always ideal. For example, you might worry that the neighbor will forget to lock your front door afterward, or you may be concerned that he or she will have trouble getting the dog back inside. These worries lead to a reduced peace of mind for you, which you won't have to worry about when you make use of a boarding service for the day.

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