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3 Important Tips For Taking Care Of Your American Bulldog Puppy

by Calvin Newman

American bulldog puppies are a special kind of puppy. They are full of energy and are very strong puppies that will grow into very strong dogs. If you are getting an American bulldog puppy, you need to be ready to invest in some chew toys, be ready to help your puppy get a lot of exercises, and treat your puppy with love.  

Get Your Puppy Chew Toys 

Like all puppies, your American bulldog puppy is going to be going through the process of teething, where their adult teeth are growing into their mouths. This can be a painful process for your puppy. The way that your puppy deals with this pain and irritation is through chewing. Chewing is really helpful for puppies, and can be helpful throughout your puppy's life. 

Help your puppy out by getting them a bunch of chew toys. Direct and teach your puppy so that they can learn what is appropriate to chew on and what is not appropriate for them to chew on. Make sure any chew toys that you give your puppy are made of a strong material that will not break-up as they chew on it.  

Make Sure Your Puppy Gets Lots of Exercise 

American bulldogs are known for having a lot of energy, which means that they need a lot of exercise. Your American bulldog is going to have a lot of energy throughout its life, so if you decide to purchase or adopt an American bulldog, you need to be prepared to help it get the exercise it needs through its life. 

That means taking your dog out for lots of walks once your puppy is fully vaccinated. Before your puppy is fully vaccinated, that means lots of playtime out in the yard.  

Treat Your Puppy with Love 

Finally, pay attention to how you treat your puppy and how you treat other people when you are around your puppy. Your dog is going to watch you and mold their behavior after how you train them to behave. Your American bulldog doesn't have to be an aggressive animal; that is a learned behavior. Treat your dog with kindness and love and raise a friendly dog.  

It is normal for your American bulldog puppy to want to chew on things; take care of this natural desire with lots of chew toys. Your puppy will more than likely have a lot of energy, so be sure to channel it appropriately with exercise. Finally, treat your puppy with kindness, as your puppy is going to mimic the way that you treat them and treat others.  

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