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How To Clean And Care For Your Dog's Teeth

by Calvin Newman

Your dog's teeth are very important for their health. If your dog has gingivitis, it can affect their overall health and begin to also affect their vital organs. If you aren't brushing your dog's teeth now, you need to begin right away. Cleaning your dog's teeth doesn't have to be done daily like you clean your own teeth, but it is something that should be done at least once per week. Cleaning your dog's teeth is not difficult to do, although this depends on the dog itself as well. Some dogs may not be quite as receptive to you attempting to brush their teeth. To help you complete this task, read on for some tips.

Only Use Canine Products

You should only ever use canine products for your dog. This includes the toothbrush as well. Using human products can be extremely harmful to your dog. You can find canine products at your local pet supply store. There are usually different flavors of canine toothpaste, so use one that your dog prefers. There are also different types of toothbrushes, including finger brushes or a toothbrush that look more like a human toothbrush.

Start Out Slowly, It'll Get Easier

When you first begin, use a small amount of the toothpaste and allow your dog to get used to the flavor of the toothpaste. You should also use different types of toothbrushes to see what works best for you and your dog. It may take a few tries to get your dog used to the process, so if your dog doesn't cooperate right away, that's OK. understand that it takes time. Your dog may only allow you to get one or more of the teeth cleaned, but with time, it will get easier.

Brush Weekly

Brush your dog's teeth two to three times a week in order to keep them clean. Your dog's teeth need to be cleaned at least this often to prevent plaque buildup and to prevent gingivitis. Gingivitis can be extremely harmful to your dog's health. You should also have your dog's teeth cleaned by your veterinarian at least once per year. Deep cleaning is essential in your dog's oral health and in the prevention of gingivitis.

If your dog's teeth are turning brown, or are a dark yellow color, you need to start cleaning your dog's teeth if you don't already. Talk to a local veterinarian, such as, about other dental cleaning tips for your dog.