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Did Your Dog Die At Home? What You Can Do With Its Remains

by Calvin Newman

If your dog has died, this can be a difficult time for everyone in the family. If your dog died at home, then it is up to you to take care of the remains. You do have many options available, two of which are listed below. 


One option you have is pet cremation. This is eco-friendly, and you can have their ashes after the cremation. You have many options on what you can do with their ashes. You could spread them in a garden or where your dog loved to play. You could also plant a tree in their memory and spread the ashes in the hole. You could purchase a locket and place some of the ashes in it to wear around your neck. Or you could purchase a beautiful urn to place the ashes in. 

During the cremation, your dog's body will be placed in an enclosed, small space. The heat is then turned on at a high temperature. The temperature is hot enough that your dog's remains will be made into ashes and small bone fragments in a few hours. After this time the remails are then pulverized which results in gray, fine ash. Many companies put the ashes into a sealed plastic bag. 

You can have the crematorium dispose of your dog's ashes. Some crematoriums have an area on their property where you can bury the ashes yourself or have them buried for you.  

Bury Your Dog

Depending on where you live you may be able to bury your dog's body in your backyard. First, wrap the dog in a blanket or other wrapping. Dig a deep hole to place your dog in. Make sure it is deep enough so that animals will not sense there is something in the hole. If they do, then they may dig your dog's body up. 

Once the dog is placed in the hole fill the hole back up with soil. You or your children can make a marker for the grave. You can purchase a small memorial stone that is weatherproof so it will hold up well.  

There may be pet cemeteries in your area where you can bury your dog. Ask your veterinarian as they will likely know if there is and where the cemetery is located. 

Knowing your dog is buried or cremated will give you peace of mind so you can start the grieving process.